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Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are just the beginning

Social media offers businesses and organizations new opportunities to engage their audience and grow it effectively. Social media presence no longer considered optional, even in B2B markets. Although increased social interaction requires increased attention and resources, the benefits can be startling—greater customer satisfaction, clear insight into consumer needs, reputation management, enhanced brand loyalty, wider audience and better customer development.

Social Media Networking

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ etc.

Develop community and extend the reach of your business or organization. Lower the threshold between your business and the public and build interest and loyalty.

Social Media Advertising

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Participate in new ad networks targetting social media users. Use Facebook ads to extend the reach of your current social media audience. Target specific business and business types on LinkedIn.

Content Recommendation Platforms

Outbrain, Taboola

Push your content across the web on respected media sites like CNN, People, and ESPN.

Social Media: Blogging

WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr

Develop content for your content strategy. Establish your expertise. Provide customers with added value. Reap search engine optimization benefits.

Social Bookmarking

Reddit, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Delicious, HACKER NEWS

Get noticed. Become viral. Drive traffic.

Social Media: Video and Photo Sharing

YouTube, Pinterest, Vimeo, Flickr, Picasa

Develop your niche by using visual content socially.

Social Media: Business Reviews

Yelp, Google Local

Become easily findable online and use social proof to drive customers and foot traffic.

Social News

Reddit, Digg, Mixx, Yahoo! Buzz, Propeller, Newsvine, Fark, Slashdot

Doing something of note? Let folks know about it.

Social Media: Music

SoundCloud, LastFM, Reverbnation

Build audience, fanbase and move units. Distribute your off album projects, remixes and tracks.

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