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Banner Ad Design and Campaign Management

Custom Online Advertising for Your Business

Banner advertising is a well-established method for driving traffic to your website, marketing new promotions or sales, and extending the reach of your brand. Yet, businesses routinely treat it as little more than the online cousin of the quarter page print ad. In fact it is much, much more.

Totally Zen Banner Ad Design Vance Bell Banner Ad Design BYOB Restaurant Banner Ad Design

Where calculating print advertising's true effectiveness has always been sketchy at best, banner advertising (like many forms of online marketing) allows extensive performance tracking and comparative A/B testing. You can test the relative effectiveness of different promotions in a single campaign; compare performance between various ad networks or specific websites carrying your ads; size-up the value of different landing pages on your site; even directly calculate ROI by tracking the customer through to conversion or purchase.

This is powerful business intelligence—we just like to call it "field testing."

The Lifecycle of the Banner Ad Campaign

Our professionally executed banner ad campaigns cover the following key areas.

  1. Campaign development - strategy, promotions, calls to action
  2. Banner ad design and creative
  3. Landing page design and development
  4. Banner ad placement
  5. Campaign tracking
  6. A/B testing of banner and landing page performance
  7. Metrics analysis and ROI calculation

Banner Ad Comparison Testing

The image below shows the most basic form of comparative banner testing. In the example three banners are created in support of a specific promotion or sales offer. For instance, banner A may represent an offer of 25% off a purchase of $100 or more; banner B, a $5 saving on a purchase of $25; and banner C, a free gift with the purchase of a given product or service. All three ads are placed with online publications (news sites, online magazines, blogs, etc.) for a given period of time. At the end of the period, performance is calculated on a per publication basis and the best banner is selected to compete in the next round of placements.

banner ad comparison testing

Analysis of real time, quantitative data ensures you are consistently using the best promotions, banner ad creative and messaging in your online marketing. And this only the beginning.

What to Learn More?

Read an interesting case study on banner ad and landing page testing here.

Sample Banner Ads

The following ads are a small example of those recently developed for clients.

125 x 125 pixels:

Totally Zen Banner Ad Design Vance Bell Banner Ad Design BYOB Restaurant Banner Ad Design

Main Line Restaurant Week Banner Ad Design

160 x 600 pixels (Skyscraper):

Center City District Banner Ad Design Center City District Banner Ad Design

Center City District Banner Ad Design BYOB Restaurant Banner Ad Design

300 x 300 pixels:

Main Line Restaurant Week Spring 2011 Banner Ad Design

300 x 250 pixels:

Totally Zen Banner Ad Design

600 x 400 pixels:

Center City District Banner Ad Design

Full campaign sheets:

Center City District SIPS 2009 Happy Hour Banner Ads

Download the full campaign sample sheet (PDF, 423 KB) and take a look up close.

Banner Ad and Online Campaign Services

  • Banner ad design
  • Flash ad design
  • Banner animation
  • Online advertising campaigns
  • Campaign landing page design and development
  • Campaign metrics analysis and ROI calculation

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