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You will find me doing
this, that, or the other.
Sometimes even before breakfast.

the web for breakfast

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About Me


I've worked in new media and interactive related fields for over fifteen years as a Web designer, developer, project manager, new media department director, freelance consultant, founder and all around "Web guy."

I also have deep involvements in online publishing particularly in the "open-access" academic arena. My single largest and sustained effort was as founder and Editor-in-Chief of Other Voices: The eJournal of Cultural Criticism, an award-winning scholarly publication affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania.

Born in Pennsylvania, I spent my youth in the Pacific Northwest, mostly Washington state and northern Idaho, before returning east for college. Admittedly, I miss the Rockies occasionally—generally whenever it gets hot and humid in Philadelphia which is pretty much each summer.

Big Sky, Panorama of the Great Plains. Photographer: Vance Bell


About Vance Bell

  • You've reached Vance Bell—Web designer, developer, project manager, editor, electronic publisher and occasional scholar based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Need to reach me? Click me in the head—I'll get the message.
  • Useless Facts & Favorites:
  • Bookstore: House of Our Own, Philadelphia, PA
  • Artist: Edward Kienholz
  • Philosopher: Theodor Adorno
  • Typeface: Gotham
  • Fruit: Huckleberries